Offshore repair works

Doggerland Offshore was consultant for the subsea marine repair operations of an offshore structure on behalf of the EPCI-contractor. 

Our work scope consisted of reviewing method statements of third parties, issuing overall work methods, selection and chartering of DP sub-sea construction vessel including suitable ROV and the mobilisation and installation of all equipment in port. During the whole project an Offshore Construction manager, including a relief, was onboard supervising all air-diving teams, the ROV- and grouting works. After the successful completion of the job the vessel was fully demobilised and redelivered to the owners. 


Wadden Zee

Doggerland Offshore proposed an innovative concept to her potential Client for the reburial of pipelines and electricity cables in the Dutch Wadden Zee. 

Due to the very active morphological circumstances in this area the depth of burial had to be constantly checked for correction. Works had to be done in ultra-shallow water and tidal flats without touching the subsea pipelines.

Unfortunately the project was not awarded.


Salvage of a trawler

For one of her Clients Doggerland Offshore prepared all the tender documents for the salvage of a sunken fishing trawler. 
Not only the method statements and risk anlyses but also the commercial estimate. 
The tender was awarded.

Wreck removal of a crane

Doggerland Offshore was recently involved in the tender for the wreck removal of a tumbled containercrane. 
A very comprehensive tender package was made. Method statements, lifting plans, risk anlyses and also the commercial estimate.