Who will take care of that ?

You are in charge of a project at sea. Everything is up and running smooth. However there is always the unexpected. Unforeseen you are forced with additional work and it seems that no contractor is interested to perform these small tasks.

You don’t want to assign your own engineers or superintendents with these works because that will take disproportional time and effort and they might lack specific experience. Nevertheless, you have to find quickly a sound and reliable solution and you prefer to shift the full problem to a subcontractor.

An emergency repair to structural damage? Scour repairs, small dredging, subsea cutting or installation of only 2 anchor piles, salvage of lost scaffolding? Doggerland Offshore picks up these jobs that others neglect. Doggerland Offshore knows the world of professionals at sea inside out and is your handy man at sea.

We take care of the entire process: permits, insurance, risk assessments, method statement, mobilisation of equipment and execution of the works. Doggerland Offshore is the spider in the web and connects various entrepreneurs in order to solve your problem. The project will be executed according the approved plans and concluded with a final report. The goal is to relieve you as much as possible:

Doggerland will fix it.

With a wealth of experience in dredging-, marine- and offshore construction work, Doggerland Offshore can help and contribute to solve your problem. The works will be executed with a professional no-nonsense approach including all the required documentation. From A to Z.

You have nothing to worry about. It will be solved.