Installation Eco-anchors for seweed farm


In the beginning of February 2022, Doggerland Offshore got an urgent request from North Sea Farmers regarding two steel eco-piles which needed to be installed before March 1st, during the stormy season. Their original contractor was not available, resulting in a complex challenge under a strict time pressure, a typical project for Doggerland Offshore requiring creative inventiveness!

On Thursday, the contract was arranged within the day and work began with the analysis of a specialized offshore weather forecast as it was the most pressing requirement for the operation. A workable weather window of 32 hrs was identified in the following week and it was decided to use this opportunity.

Fixing suitable equipment for an operation like this in such a short time is very difficult. However, with Doggerland Offshore’s wide network, a good team was put together in time. A suitable DP Multicat was already visited on Friday and the plan was discussed with the crew. Since the operation would be pushing the limits, everyone had to agree on the methods used together and mitigate all of the operational risks.

All other needed equipment, such as the hydraulic vibrator to install the piles, was arranged. On the Saturday, a special ‘Cranemaster’ lifting tool was chartered in Norway and transported to Scheveningen harbour. Two M-500 ROV’s were chartered in Berlin. Over the weekend, several documents like the method statements were prepared. All equipment was on site by Tuesday and preparation onboard could begin.

After a trial run in port, the piles were loaded aboard and installed at the North Sea Farmers’ Offshore Test Site without any issues despite delays from unfavourable waves. Doggerland Offshore’s combination of the optimal heading for the vessel and the use of the ‘Cranemaster’ as a passive heave comp system for the hydraulic vibrator worked without a hitch. The piles were placed perfectly vertical and there was no noticeable influence from the vessel movements as the pile was placed in the seabed. The next day, the seaweed system was installed between the eco-piles.

As one can see, the entire project was successfully planned and executed within a mere 8 days. Doggerland Offshore is incredibly proud of this result.

   Photo by: Jurriaan Brobbel

   Photo by: Jurriaan Brobbel