Doggerland Offshore, in collaboration with its partner Abeko Marine, successfully completed a major capital dredging project in the UK in early June 2023. In November 2022, we won a public tender as main contractor to dredge a deeper channel leading to the Grimsby GRT terminal. This channel facilitates the docking and (un)loading of larger car […]

Wreck removals

In the past, project management for some wreck removal has been done very successfully. Here the scope consisted of estimation, work preparation, project management and final administrative actions. An example is the restaurant ship Ella which sank during a tow from Middlesborough to London off the coast of Lowestoft. The ship was a danger to […]

Oil removal engineering

Following an unsuccessful tender by the client, Doggerland Offshore was asked by this client to carry out an outline study of a realistic and practical workable method for determining the remaining amount of oil in wrecks at greater depths (>150 m). A realistic cost estimate, in quite some detail, was prepared to give the client […]


Although not our main focus we are happy to assist our clients with arranging a tow when there is a prompt requirement. This barge was towed from Rotterdam to Flushing Port. Photo by

Installation Eco-anchors for seweed farm

In the beginning of February 2022, Doggerland Offshore got an urgent request from North Sea Farmers regarding two steel eco-piles which needed to be installed before March 1st, during the stormy season. Their original contractor was not available, resulting in a complex challenge under a strict time pressure, a typical project for Doggerland Offshore requiring […]

Anchor and chain salvage

After a heavy stormy night at the IJmuiden anchorage, the anchor chain of a seagoing vessel had broken. On behalf of the ship owners Doggerland Offshore offshore received the order to salvage the quipment. As soon as the weather conditions allowed an anchor handling tug to mobilised to site. Since the position was not very […]

Diving works

In the Port of Amsterdam we performed several diving jobs on seagoing vessels.  Mainly propellor / rudder inspections or closing overboard valves. We work with several local diving companies and workboat owners.