Published on LinkedIn at January 24, 2020

“Mr. Wikipedia”

Everybody has his weaknesses. Most people are very afraid to talk about it. But when you can turn your weakness into something positive it can be quite interesting.

I am not diagnosed with ADHD but I can be very enthusiastic and hyperactive. I know. Luckily it is not noticeable all day and with the passing years it is becoming less noticable.

This personal trait can be sometimes quite difficult, but like the famous Dutch philosopher, Johan Cruijff, said: “every disadvantage has its advantage”.


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“Managing Customer expectations”

Recently Doggerland took part in a public tender. In our consideration the work we were tendering for was perfect for Doggerland, namely, innovative solutions were required for pipe- and cable trenching in ultra-shallow waters. After studying all the available documents and conditions we engineered a clever and innovative solution to work on the tidal flats without touching the subsea infrastructure. However, the prospective client had allowed us to use a maximum of only 5 pages for the full method statement including the clarification of numerous compulsory items. Our innovative solution therefore had to be described in a few lines, but we were confident that we would have enough to describe our solution sufficiently.


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