Doggerland Offshore realised that there is a need in the current salvage market for a small flexible company that can perform salvage jobs adequatly, in-time and in-budget. 

We work without a big overhead and with a broad pallet of services.


Doggerland Offshore has the relevant experience and closely cooperates with other specialists in the market like owners of tugs, multicats, sheerlegs, barges.

But we also have access to hot tap equipment, salvage grabs, ROV's, chain pullers and various pumps.


With a long career in marine construction, dredging and the salvage- and diving industry our network is broad and strong.


Doggerland is ambitious but realistic and transparent. We like a challenge but we will not take up the ultra large salvge projects.  


Upto now the engineered projects vary from a small inland sailing vessel, to a sunken fishing trawler in 20 m of water and the biggest project has a weight of around 2.000 ton in 70 m of water.