Doing business with a smaller firm has serious advantages. A smaller business:

>  Is flexible, can quickly make changes and can react on feedback.

>  Has a personal connection to the customer.

>  Is a lean organisation.


We are able to team-up with other independent companies in larger projects. This guarantees that specific skills and equipment is available to meet the demanding needs for all kind of marine projects. Doggerland Offshore is the main-contractor and will remain your sole point of contact during the project. We know that our customers like to be appreciated, understood and valued.


Our powerful network includes:

>  Vessel, barge and salvage equipment owners

>  Diving-, rope access-, hydrographic- and r.o.v-companies 

>  Naval architects, civil construction engineers, marine risk- and procedure specialists, condition surveyors, insurance experts.

>  Barge-, loading-, towing- and salvage masters.


Doggerland has long standing and trusted relationship with all these companies.