Doggerland is the marine and offshore trouble shooter. We are the 'handyman at sea'.

The Company was founded in the autumn of 2019 to create a company that specializes in offshore troubleshooting, to be the 'handyman at sea'. To solve problems.

Our missions can vary from a very small 1-day projects to longer lasting projects for several months.


Doggerland explicitly want to serve Clients who value personal contact, with relative small projects for which it might be difficult to find the right contractor with the required hands on mentality and understands the modern needs for quality, heath and safety procedures. 


We have a wide experience in the subsea- and marine construction industry and we cooperate with several companies with all own experience and assets, like tug- and workboat owners, diving company, Rope Access company, ROV company, engineers, draftsman etc.


Doggerland provides contracting- and consultancy services for various offshore problems and issues. Doggerland is a one stop shop and we offer to take-over all your concerns and demands. Due to a great mixture of technical, hands-on expertise and a no-nonsense attitude we meet our clients’ needs and requirements. Our broad market knowledge leads to quick and fast solutions. However, as real Dutch, we are down to earth, realistic and transparent.


Doggerland Offshore offers more than twenty-five years’ experience in the marine industry. Practical experience in the field as well as the full tendering process and project management.


Our centre of operations is the North Sea, German Bight and Baltic Sea but we are open for any challenge.