Doggerland Offshore aknowledged that there is a need in the current offhore market for a company that can solve problems adequatly, with a no-nonsense approach, in-time and in-budget. Without a big overhead, flexible and with a broad pallet of services.


In almost every projects small additional task should be performed by the main contractor, out of their normal scope, but part of the overall project. These tasks are most of the times too small to be handled by the project team or it's too specialistic or takes too much capacity. 


Doggerland Offshore likes to sub-contract these tasks from the main contractor. But a successful completion of these tasks is most not an easy endeavor. It requires for a series of activities and steps to meet the client requirements. 


A lot is involved in the process before the project reaches completion phase. The project engineering and documentation requirements, like Method Statements, Risk Assesments, Step-by-step procedures etc also takes normally a long-term effort. These requirements makes it complicated for the small but very paractical hands-on contractors. 


The process starts with the documentation and engineering phase and slowly moves slowly to mobilisation and execution-phase, monitoring and control phase on the job and finally moves to the the closure phase, including the revision drawings and the final report.

When the project is accepted by the Client the goals is achieved. 


Doggerland Offshore takes over the full process and is a ‘one stop shop’ offering a wide range of services.

We are ready to serve clients with prompt response to their challenging commissions whatever the size. 



A few random examples of works we can execute:

> repair of storm damage of a few Accopodes a at breakwater.

> 200 ton rock dumping in a erosion pit near a monopile.
> manufacturing and installation of three broken railings on a jacket.
> installation of sonar transponders.
> changing navigational buoys.
> ROV-inspection works.
> (de)burail of Cable Protection systems.
> debris removal after decomissioning
> installation or removal of a few concrete matrasses.
> cutting subsea piles and dredging in piles


Due to our very broad knowledge in civil- and subsea engineering almost no task is too ambitious. 

We like a challenge !